It’s been an interesting journey. What started as a small sub-board on a forum grew into an independent website. Admittedly this has never been a popular project of mine, but I always enjoyed having something out there. However after this amazing journey, it’s time to move on. OtakuDeus is no more.

The problem that has always faced me running OtakuDeus was that I wanted it to be something that I couldn’t sculpt it into being: I wanted it to be a bit more of a ‘professional’ site and less of a personal blog. Thus it always pained me to make personal or meta posts. Another problem was that my interests in writing varied wildly, so sometimes the website would see a surge of updates and other times the website would be bare.

I’m not giving up on blogging or writing, I’m just going to do it in a manner that best suits my tastes. I’m not going to restrict myself to the artificial barriers I had erected in my mind of what I believed OtakuDeus should be. But for OtakuDeus, this is the last huzzah.

Thank you to those who dared to take the time to read this humble piece of internet blabbery. And for those who wish to continue the adventure, you can do so at

Funny, how the last two Deus (Hilda and Dorothy) refer to Pokemon and Rune Factory. And those two are coming out this month (October 2013).

Keep at it,
- Maxite

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Monent of Zen: Those Trainer Moments

Had fun at ACen 2013. Had this beautiful piece commissioned. While Elesa from Pokemon Black isn’t known to be a difficult Gym Leader, some people might find her difficult. So here is a depection of someone who might find her impossibly hard, and how they would react.
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Pokémon Hypotheticals: Wish List

It’s only six months or so until Pokemon X & Y come out, and there is still not much known about what they will contain. Many fans have been conducting wish lists, so I figured I would make a wish list of my own. I figure I’ll make it easy and have it be two options within five categories: New Pokemon, New Abilities, New Moves, New Items, and New Mechanics. Without much ado, here are ten things I would like to see in Gen VI (and most likely won’t see at all).

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Pokemon Speculation Bingo

It’s only six months roughly until Pokemon X and Y are released. Information is slow to come out, and as a result there is a ton of speculation regarding what these new games will contain. While I don’t claim to know which rumors are accurate, I figure now is a good time to lay out some of the more common or more interesting rumors and speculation and give some odds on the probability of them happening.
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It’s spring, so that means it is time for some spring cleaning. I’m in the middle of reorganizing the website, and most of the old categories have been modified or changed in some fashion.

The site will also be moving in a newer direction, with more of a focus on writing, reviews, and humor.

Thanks for sticking around.


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TheSpeedGamers: Mega Man

TheSpeedGamers will be starting their first charity for the year: MegaMan. If you aren’t familiar with their work, they are a group that plays video games and raises money for charity. For their Mega Man Marathon they’ll be working on raising money for Rockin H’ Ranch. But there is much more to it than that. They usually have competitions to win prizes, and perform a variety of zany antics to keep things interesting.

Please feel free to view and support them at

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AMV Critique: Hello World!

There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” In many AMVs this is true: the combination of footage and music brings together a new piece of art that is stronger than either one alone. While I can think of many examples of such, one that more immediately comes to mind is Oro$hi’s “Hello World”. If you haven’t seen it already, please do so:

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Is It Crap?: Infinite Stratos

I generally enjoy watching good series. So much that I have an informal system where I look at series I am interested in watching, and sort them into a “good pile” and a “crap pile.” Most of the time I will watch from the good pile, but occasionally I just get the urge to watch series that I previously dismissed as being garbage. Are they actually garbage? Maybe I was too harsh on the series without watching it. Today will be an exploration of a series that was in my garbage pile. Today I will review Infinite Stratos.

Oui, oui, madame~.
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Anime Battles: Cat Planet Cuties vs. Dog Days

Every Christmas parents across the globe have a question to ponder: What cute little pet should we give little Tommy and Angelica? Should we give them a sweet puppy, or maybe a bit of a spicy kitty? While we won’t be directly answering that question, we will be answering a similar question just in time for Christmas: which anime series is better: Cat Planet Cuties (Asobi ni Iku yo!) or is it season one of Dog Days? In order to decide, we shall judge each show on five metrics: Story, Characters, Concept, Animation, and Overall.

Let the battle of Cats vs Dogs begin!

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One Awesome Video

The Legendary “Cam Eats Mayo.”

Also congratulations to Desert Bus 6 on raising over $440,000 this year and for raising over $1 million lifetime. It was an awesome ride this year and each driver added something new to the party. Here’s to hoping that next year is something ever more spectacular.

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